"Your message, enthusiasm and life stories were inspiring, and your comments on your guiding principles - passion and focus - you've used to lead your business ventures, team and family were exceptional." 

 - Gene Barr, President, Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry


"Your positive attitude was infectious, and made a great impact on everyone!  Your stories were inspirational, and we were all grateful to learn about your many successes." 

 - Bill Lupfer, President & CEO, Florida Attractions Association


"The buzz and enthusiasm, as well as the overwhelmingly positive comments over the rest of the conference really provided tremendous excitement, energy, and motivation to us all. It was just great, thanks!"
 - Scott Stroh, Programm Director, American Association of State and Local History Museums

"Thank you so much for adding your voice to our meeting. Your powerful words reminded us to embrace our potential on the personal level as well as the professional. We were honored to have you join us."
 - Terry Davis, President & CEO, American Association for state and Local History


"This marked our 16th Spring Event, having had different keynote speakers at every one. I was truly amazed by the number of people who approached me after Pat's presentation stating that this was, hands down, the absolute best we've ever had. The common theme was, 'Usually I'm looking at my watch to see when the presentation is going to end, I cannot believe how quickly Pat's hour went, I wanted more...'"
 - Jon Robbins, President, Home Technology Specialists of America


“You are a man of your word. You exceeded my expectations. You really were the best speaker we have ever had at KBIS and your message was exactly what I had hoped for.”
 - David Alderman, President, NKBA


“I’ve been a big admirer of Pat. He just exudes enthusiasm about everything he does, and that's part of what I’m going to be talking about today: enthusiasm -- having that spirit, even when things are tough, that pushes through to the victory line.”
 - Barack Obama, President of the United States


"Prior to the meeting, Pat allowed me all the time I needed to immerse him in my organization and to mesh his message with my meeting objectives. What I can tell is that Pat delivered beyond my expectations! Our week up to that point had been incredible and Pat delivered a performance that closed it out on an incredible high note and in doing so he received a standing ovation!"
 - Paul Williams, VP of Sales, MedImmune


“It was a great pleasure to meet you and to hear you share your views and life philosophy. Your experiences and insights really brought to life the idea that if you have the drive, nothing is impossible. I believe that this year’s event was truly an extraordinary experience, and your energy and message provided a wonderful conclusion to our conference.”
- Will Fuller, President & CEO, Lincoln Financial Distributors


“We saw a speaker today who was one of the best I have ever seen. Pat Croce was dynamic, engaging, and inspirational. It is all too rare to find a speaker who has walked-the-walk; overcoming adversity on a number of occasions to find great triumph in what he or she is passionate about. Pat somehow connected with every individual at the event center today, allowing them to assess their own “news of the day” and then immersed them in what it took to be successful and embrace their passion! The energy was electric the entire hour and everyone left motivated and focused.”
- Daniel Beem, President, Cold Stone Creamery


"Overwhelming response...everyone loved it!!! Thanks so much for coming down....you got me all fired up too! Seriously, it was a ‘10.’”
- Jesse Itzler, Co-Founder, Marquis Jet


“It is rare that an outside speaker connects so well with the heart and minds of a group. You and Collin Powell are the two best I have had the pleasure of experiencing.”
- George Morrow, EVP, Worldwide Sales, Amgen


"Thank you for an awe inspiring and outstanding presentation! The way you presented and connected with our leaders was terrific. Everyone left the room really pumped, ready to take on the world. That is a tribute to you. The feedback from our employees was overwhelming positive and the
buzz continues. Great stuff".
 – John Mengucci, President, Mission & Combat Support Solutions, Lockheed Martin


“You helped us do what we set out to do – energize and motivate our high performance sales team. Your enthusiasm and energy made our afternoon memorable and valuable.” 
- Chris Rooney, President, AT&T


“Thank you for your outstanding presentation at the recent Ford Customer Service Division meeting in Las Vegas. Your high energy and genuine delivery style certainly resonated with all 650 attendees. I need you in Detroit!”
- Randy Ortiz, General Sales Manager, Ford Motor Company


“Your stories are inspiring, your energy is contagious and your key messages are right on target with our core values – to keep striving for the best and working toward achieving ones’ goals, both personally and professionally – no matter what obstacles and challenges lay ahead.”
- Paul Bossidy, CEO, GE Capital


“Pat Croce is simply the best speaker we’ve ever had – and we’ve had the biggest names on the circuit – because at the end of the day, his inspirational style makes our people feel great!”
- Stephen Stefano, SVP, NeuroHealth Division, GlaxoSmithKline


“Since we work in the world of entertainment, creativity, marketing, selling and programming, it’s often difficult for us to find a speaker who can meet the energy level that our people possess and it’s even harder to really cut through and get the motivated people more motivated. Somehow, you did it! Quite honestly, you were terrific!”
- Joel Hollander, President, CBS Radio


“I’d like to thank you for your inspiring presentation. Your unrelenting optimism, “seize the day” mentality and commitment to customer service were just the right messages for our leadership team to hear at this exciting juncture in our company’s history.”
- Joe Neubauer, Chairman, Aramark


“Pat Croce is a true inspiration to anyone who has ever had a dream.”
- Brian Roberts, CEO, Comcast Corporation



"Pat Croce has a unique ability to instantly increase the energy level in a room by his presence and enthusiasm! He delivered a high-energy, high-impact presentation to 500 of our best Financial Advisors which inspired the group to create a sense of urgency second to none and take advantage of the opportunity that we all have to be truly great at what we do. This is a tough audience to impress and the buzz throughout the conference was that Pat Croce rocked the house! I would recommend Pat to anyone that is interested in presenting a truly motivational and inspiring key-note message." 
 - Micah DiSalvo, Director, Retirement Plan Sales CUNA Mutual Group


“They LOVED it!!! You were awesome!!!!”
- Michael Rubin, Chairman and CEO, GSI Commerce



“Your personal stories of triumph over discouraging odds, combined with your professional narratives about the value of persistence, were truly inspiring.”
- Keith Schneider, VP Indirect Distribution, Nextel


“Your presentation at the Entrepreneur of the Year Awards was one of the highlights of the weekend. ‘Extremely inspiring,’ ‘The best I’ve heard in ten years attending the program,’ ‘An amazing speaker and truly motivating’ were just a few of the comments we received. The standing ovation you received was well-deserved and genuine. I don’t remember a standing ovation for any other speaker in the 16 years of the event!”
- Gregory Erikson, Global Director, Ernst & Young


“Vision – Passion – Leadership. Pat Croce has them all!”
- Tim Russert, Moderator, NBC’s Meet the Press
“Thanks for bringing so much to all of us at NBC! Keep knocking “them” out of the box.”
- Dick Ebersol, Chairman, NBC Sports and Olympics, NBC


“You will sense that the learnings Pat shares are really his “earnings.” In other words he earned these lessons, often the hard way. Moreover, he’s so authentic and so in touch with these processes of growth that, at times, you will feel you are overhearing his most intimate conversations.”
- Stephen R. Covey, Author, The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People


“Quite frankly, I wasn’t interested in hearing tired old coaches deliver their favorite halftime speeches. I wanted someone who “walks the walk,” Not someone who just “talks the talk!” I can only tell you that you were the perfect choice. You instantly connected with the Pep Boys team and your comments and delivery had a wonderfully, positive impact on nearly 1500 people. Plain and simple, you were terrific!”
- Mitchell Leibovitz, Chairman, Pep Boys


“I believe every single person present during your discussion came away with a renewed spirit and commitment to be the very best they can.”
- Stephen Smith, President, Accenture


“Pat’s passion for life and the lessons that he has learned along the way are contagious!”
- Howard Schultz, Chairman, Starbucks Coffee Company



“I cannot heap enough praise into one short letter to tell you how well received your presentation was. Already, a number of clubs have emailed the AAA National Office staff asking if we taped your session.”
- Betsy Sell, Managing Director, AAA


“Your messages were powerful yet quite simplistic and easy to comprehend. You really opened my eyes – I have become recharged and invigorated - and from the multiple emails and voicemails I have received, you also impacted our entire team.”
- Steven Dussek, CEO, Dobson Communications Corporation


“You had 2500 people on their feet and sharing your positive message. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone with the combination of energy, enthusiasm, and inspiration that you brought to our event. You were an absolute grand slam and gave us everything we expected and more.” 
 - Howard Brodsky, Chairman, CCA Global Partners


“I’d like to share with just a few of the comments from our conference attendees: ‘Pat Croce was the best motivational speaker we’ve had since I’ve been with the company. He exemplified a CAN DO attitude with humor and excitement.’ ‘Pat was dynamic, energetic, and inspiring!’ ‘Pat Croce typifies what the human spirit is capable of producing. He is a guy that has really put his body and soul to the sword.’ My team said it better than I can.”
- Christopher Larsen, EVP, Worldwide Sales, TIBCO


I wanted to thank you for your participation in the 2008 EDiS Institute. The feedback we received regarding your speech was off the charts! By far, the best response we have received in the event’s history. Undoubtedly, you were a major part of our event’s success.
 -Brian DiSabatino, Vice President, EDiS Company


“Our team very well received your unbridled enthusiasm and the incredibly persuasive presentation. It paved the way for arguably one of the best, if not the best, meetings we have ever had.”
 - Frank Pasqualone, SVP, Oncology, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company


“Pat Croce at his best is inspirational, demanding, enlightening, and persevering. Thumbs up!” 
 - Paul Fireman, Chairman, Reebok International



“Our retailers could certainly relate to your spirit of entrepreneurism and what it takes to succeed. Your talk was both inspiring and motivating, in particular, your comments about how one individual and their attitude can change others to act in a positive way.”
- Thomas Doll, EVP, Subaru of America


“I have just finished reading the final papers in my Success class and wanted you to know that your presentation left deep and lasting impressions on the students. Many referred to things you said, and some remarked that you provided them with a model for an attitude that they will take with them for the rest of their lives.”
 - Richard Shell, Professor, Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania


“You were terrific! I cannot tell you the number of comments I have received on the overall content of the meeting and specifically your contribution and message. Your enthusiasm is so powerful. Your message was so aligned with the overall theme of the event. I cannot thank you enough.”
 - Dennis Hummel, Chief Sales Officer, Maritz


“Your energy was contagious and set the theme for the entire week. The message was inspired and perfectly tailored to the Sungard audience.”
 - Jim Simmons, CEO, Sungard


“Impossible to improve on perfect’ and ‘WOW, fantastic!’ were just a couple of the many written comments that I received. Attendees found your message to be dynamic and impactful – after all, that’s what matters most.”
 - Susan Kunish, Manager of Professional Development, Meeting Professionals International


“Given the overwhelming positive feedback we have received from attendees, your involvement assured the World Congress of Sports’ success. For this, we thank you.” 
- Curt Curtis, SVP, Octagon


“The room is still shaking from your energy filled message. The feedback from our vendor partners was just outstanding. Just like everything else that you have done in your life…you simply hit it out of the park!”
 - Richard Lawlor, VP Retail Marketing, Hess Corporation


“Please accept my sincere thanks for the outstanding speech given at our leaders meeting. Some of our attendees knew exactly who “Pat Croce’ is, and as for the rest, you blew them away!”
 - Steven Chellevold, SVP, Schering-Plough Corporation


“The standing ovation you received for your keynote was a first for our conference! In the 21 years of the Athletic Business Conference, your keynote was truly one of the most inspiring and entertaining we’ve ever had.”
 - Peter Brown, President, Athletic Business


“I have to tell you, of all the activities that we offered, the single event that was the overwhelming winner for everyone that attended our three-day Arby’s meeting was your closing talk. The 1300 strong audience loved you and your message.”
 - Michael Howe, CEO, Triarc Restaurant Group


“You got into the hearts of our salespersons, sales managers, and dealers (and the factory guys as well!) with your uplifting and inspirational message.”
 - E.J. Peper, Jr., Mid-Atlantic Manager, Cadillac


“Your talk was both highly enjoyable and quite inspirational.”
 - Allen Abbott, VP Marketing, Day-Timer



“Your passion and enthusiasm helped to cap off an outstanding meeting for our sales force. To borrow a phrase from your book, you gave us 110%. Your unique style of delivery, personal experiences, and most importantly, the integration of the key messages was exceptional.”
 - Paulo Costa, President, North American Operations, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp.


“The feedback that I received from everybody was fantastic! To inspire a group of employees who have faced tremendous professional challenges the way you did is an amazing talent.”
 - Chris Larsen, President, SAP America


“Your speech had an incredible impact. You inspired and motivated Centocor’s 1500 employees by finding the “common ground” for the entire organization. You challenged and delighted all of us, from secretaries to scientists and factory workers to financial directors.”
 - Tony Vernon, President, Centocor


“For three days after you spoke, no less that twenty people, including our EVP/COO, came up and thanked me for bringing Pat Croce to the meeting.”
 - Greg Van Acker, Director, Marketing and Sales, Oki Data


“When Pat took over the Philadelphia 76ers, they had the worst record in the NBA. Five years later, Pat had the Sixers selling out the league’s largest arena every night, leading the NBA in merchandise sales, and battling the LA Lakers in the NBA Finals. You tell me. What’s an hour with this guy worth?”
 - David Stern, Commissioner, NBA


“The Prince of Passion has done it again! I love the tips Pat shares with us on leadership. They are going to make all of us better leaders!!
 - Mike Krzyzewski, Head Coach, Duke University Basketball


“Pat Croce is the model and mentor for the next generation of sports and business entrepreneurs. He leads…we follow.”
 -Ted Leonsis, President, AOL Interactive Properties Group


“Pat, you spoke from the heart. Your enthusiasm is contagious. We learned a lot from you. You ranked #1 of all our presenters. And the marks were high.”
 - Lloyd Waterhouse, CEO, Reynolds & Reynolds


“Pat, your presentation was both moving and inspirational and delivered with just the right amount of uplifting humor. Your high level of enthusiasm was perfectly geared toward sharing examples that conveyed just the right message to our attendees. It was a terrific way to close out our event on a note of such optimism and excitement.” 
- Karen Greenrose, President & CEO, AAPPO