Passion and Pirates


(Running Press, 2000)

This New York Times bestseller is what Pat Croce is all about: energy, passion, laughter, and dreams. He proved that dreams do come true when he ascended from the training room to the boardroom in one of the most unlikely stories in sports history – a classic rags-to-riches tale. Featured throughout I Feel Great and You Will Too! are “Pat Croce Pointers,” which emphasize valuable lessons on goal-setting, sales and marketing, communication, creative thinking, desire, dedication, and much more that supports the content of the program.

“Pat’s fascinating journey breathes so much energy, vision, discipline, and passion that readers will, in turn, feel affirmed and empowered. A mother lode of common sense.” – Stephen R. Covey, author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

110%: 110 Strategies for Feeling Great Every Day

(Running Press, 2001)

110% - 110 Strategies for Feeling Great Every Day – This small but powerful book contains 110 of Pat Croce’s magic potions and strategies that help him feel great on a daily basis. These tips and truisms will remove mental blocks, elevate your mood, and stimulate positive thoughts. And it won’t be long before you, too, are shouting, “I feel great!”

“Whether you’re on the go or need a little push, 110% offers quick tips to jump-start your everyday life. You can pick it up for instant inspiration, positive reinforcement, whether the odds are for or against you.” – Lance Armstrong



Lead or Get Off the Pot!: The Seven Secrets of a Self-Made Leader

(Fireside, 2004)

In this practical guide Pat Croce shares his bold and unorthodox strategies for developing personal passion, a can-do attitude, and the motivation essential for cultivating leadership skills. Lead or Get Off the Pot! is an informative collection of leadership lessons that can be used by everyone. Don’t wait to gain a so-called leadership position to lead. Do it now!

“Pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of Starbucks, and fill yourself with inspiration, motivation, and some serious secrets of successful leadership. Pat’s passion for life and the lessons that he has learned along the way are contagious!” – Howard Schultz, Chairman, Starbucks Coffee Company 

Victory Journal

(Running Press, 2002)

This motivational tool is a living reminder of your power to achieve. With such a clear record of all of your daily wins, successes, achievements, and celebrations, you will slowly build a strong foundation for success. Like a photo album, the Victory Journal will become a great collection of snapshots of your positive experiences.





Do it Now! Journal

(Running Press, 2004)

This amazing time-management, goal-setting tool will help you keep all areas of your life in order and moving forward with urgency and efficiency. This journal has the power to energize and inspire you as each small but significant step of your action plan gets checked off – and success gets checked in.





Pirate Soul: A Swashbuckling Journey through the Golden Age of Pirates

(Running Press, 2006)

Pat Croce took action on his passion when he penned this piratical journey. Following the rave reviews of his world-renown Pirate Soul Museum, Croce wanted to share his love of pirate lore with the rest of the world who haven’t visited Key West, Florida. This rare interactive book takes history and makes it fun and interesting as it looks at the pirate lifestyle, strongholds, weapons, tactics, and legendary characters. This one-of-a-kind deluxe adventure book offers readers of all ages a history of the Golden Age of Piracy (1690-1730) with full-color art, colorful text, and three-dimensional features, including a replica of the authentic Jolly Roger flag that sails in Pirate Soul Museum.

My Pop Pop Is a Pirate

(Running Press, 2008)

This swashbuckling tale has a treasure trove of interactive extras as Pat’s granddaughter Paz goes to extraordinary lengths to convince her classmates that she is telling the truth. The book is beautifully illustrated by Julia Woolf.




(Running Press, 2011)

Climb aboard the Queen Anne’s Revenge and sail with the most notorious pirate of all time: Blackbeard! No one has struck terror in the hearts of men more than Edward Teach, whose big black beard gave him his name. From merchant ships to naval vessels, no target was safe from his bloodthirsty desire to take prizes along the Atlantic Coast and the Caribbean. Bone up on the true history of this real American villain in our beautifully illustrated edition of Blackbeard, penned by world renowned pirate expert, Pat Croce.



Sir Frances Drake

 (Pirate & Maritime Research Society, 2013)

Follow Sir Francis Drake’s amazing journey from humble sailor to fame and fortune, from mere mate to beloved admiral, from pirate to privateer, from a boy with a dream to a knight kneeling at the foot of Queen Elizabeth. Renowned pirate expert, Pat Croce, brings Drake’s adventure to life, tracing the pirate’s legendary voyage around the world where no Englishman had ever dared to his reign of terror on Spain's New World empire. It reads like action-packed fiction, but it's true! Sir Francis Drake is the second of Croce's acclaimed illustrated pirate series, which began with the notorious Blackbeard. Drake is his favorite rogue; in 2011, Croce led a maritime expedition to Portobello, Panama, where it is believed the explorers found the scuttled remains of Drake's ships, Elizabeth and Delight.


Henry Morgan the Buccaneer

(Pirate & Maritime Research Society, 2015)

Henry Morgan makes the list when America's favorite pirate enthusiast, Pat Croce, shares his "Top Three Pirates". There has never been a pirate, privateer, or buccaneer who has successfully led an army of ruthless cutthroats through so many impossible situations and come away with fame, fortune, and a knighthood. Croce brings Morgan's daring adventures to life, from navigating his buccaneers across thousands of miles, making alliances with friendly Indians, strategically plundering Spanish cities, escaping capture, imprisonment, and the hangman's noose, to realizing his dream of returning home to the pirate capital, Port Royal, Jamaica. 

Pirates of St. Augustine

(Historic Print & Map Company, 2011)

For more than 30 years, Pat Croce's fascination with swashbuckling pirates led him to collect hundreds of the rarest and most authentic pirate artifacts in the world, which today can be found at his St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum. Croce, a pirate historian and New York Times bestselling author, based this book on the museum's prolific contents and the undeniable role that pirates and piracy played in shaping St. Augustine's history--and the very ground upon which the museum was built.



The Pirate Handbook

(Chronicle Books, 2011)

Do you know how to throw a dagger, fire a canon, or capture a ship? Can you look Death in the eyes and live to tell the tale? It's all possible with The Pirate Handbook, a "how to" definitive guide to becoming a successful pirate. Inspired by the cutthroat and scurrilous crews of the Golden Age of Piracy (1690-1730), this rare volume reveals the all-but-lost secrets of The Pirate Life. Its visually stunning pages contain the tricks of the pirating trade, including how to make a seaworthy raft, brew up a batch of grog, survive a duel, and abide by the Codes and Articles of the pirate way.